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"This letter serves as my unconditional reference for Kari Petznick. As background information, my name is Sue James and I am the President of Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR). I have been a volunteer with TVAR since 2005 and I have known Kari for several years. I know Kari both as a volunteer for TVAR and from my own personal pet sitting experiences.

Kari is exceptionally reliable, conscientious and dependable. If Kari books an appointment with you – she will always be there; on time, every time. Kari is also exceptionally trustworthy. She has full access to our household and Kari’s trustworthiness and ethics are beyond reproach.

Kari is also a fabulous dog handler. She has handled every breed, every temperament, every energy level – and she is one of the very best handlers I have seen. She can read dogs very well. I trust my dog with very few people. He’s a border collie, pit bull mix, and he is a handful. He’s very strong and determined but Kari knows how to keep him under control. I never worry when he is with Kari. She is also exceptionally loving with my dog and with all the animals she works with at the shelter.

Kari is also very experienced in handling cats, livestock and rabbits. In summary, I recommend Kari unconditionally. If you would like to talk to me personally, please feel free to contact Kari and she will get you in touch with me."

Sue James

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"I had Kari take care of my 4 month old kitten when my husband and I went on a vacation for 1 week. She did a great job and I would feel very comfortable leaving any pet with her.

Ever since I have known Kari, she has always loved animals. She was raised with animals all of her life. Since I have known her for more than twenty-five 25 years, she has had many animals and has always given them the best of care. She now volunteers at the local animal shelter and she loves it.

I would have Kari watch my animals in my absence anytime. I have never known anyone who loves animals as much as Kari does."

Beverly C.

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"Kari has taken care of my little dog Mitzee for the past five years when I would be on vacation for 5-7 days over Thanksgiving. Mitzee was an older dog and she required a special diet, Kari paid close attention to details as to what Mitzee needed.

Kari would come over in the morning before work and let Mitzee out and give her fresh water and food and play with her, then stop on her way home and let her out and play with her. At night she would put on Mitzee's coat and turn on the space heater so she would not get to cold in the evening then turn the space heater off in the morning. I felt I could go on vacation with my Family and not have to worry about Mitzee.

I highly recommend her to watch your furry loved ones, she is very caring and loving."

Marrianna I.

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"Kari is amazing with all animals. She is very loving and caring and is committed to ensuring that pets in her care are given the utmost attention and care. Kari is well-respected by the staff at the local animal shelter where she spends many hours every week volunteering to walk, play with, and spend time with the dogs and cats ensuring that their hopefully short stay there is both comfortable and fun. Kari is a warm, caring, and loving person who is both reliable and trustworthy. Anyone would be very fortunate to leave their pets in Kari's capable hands as she would ensure they were given lots of love, attention, and outstanding care."

Kathy R.