About Kari

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Kari and an animal shelter friend, Savannah

I have lived and worked in the Tri-Valley area for over 20 years. For the last seven years, I have been doing volunteer work for Tri-Valley Animal Rescue at the East County Animal Shelter. I exercise, socialize and assist in the adoption process of animals.

Having had a wide variety of animals and livestock as I was growing up has enabled me to gain vast experience in the handling and care of animals. Working in the animal care field has been a life long dream of mine and has been a very rewarding experience.

I am a Certified Veterinary Assistant and have completed courses in Emergency First Aid for Animals, Animal Nutrition and Canine Behavior. I have also attended workshops in the area of animal communication and behavior presented by Sean Senechal of AnimalSign, author and renowned specialist in that field. I have also attended the Sirius Puppy Training Seminar.

Taking care of your animals will be my utmost priority and I will be sure to treat them with all the attention and TLC that they deserve.


Kari L. Petznick

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Kari learning more skills at K9 Sign Workshop in Aptos, CA.
Check out video below to see K9 Sign in action. Courtesy of AnimalSign and Pam Ailes, videographer